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Philosophy of the Counseling Program

at Highland Park Elementary School


We are aware of the ever changing challenges that students encounter.  Students are faced with overwhelming media exposure, peer pressure, and technology advances.  In addition, they must cope with societal violence and deal with the aftermath.  These are among the many factors that contribute to a stressful environment. 

            The goals of the counseling program at Highland Park Elementary are to guide students to achieve success in their academic, career, and personal/social development.  We will collaborate with significant adults in students’ families, teachers and administrators, and other counselors to assist all students in their endeavors. 

We believe:

  • All students possess dignity and value and should be treated with respect.
  • All students’ ethnic, cultural, racial, sexual, and ability differences should be considered when developing, evaluating, and implementing the counseling program.

We further believe that the comprehensive school counseling program should be:

  • A significant and integral factor of the total instructional curriculum.
  • Designed to promote the growth of all students in academic, career, and personal/social development.
  • Comprehensive in scope, preventive in design, and developmental in nature.
  • Comprised of four major activities: (a) planning and implementing counseling curriculum, (b) advising each student in establishing personal goals and developing future plans, (c) meeting students’ immediate needs and concerns, and (d) promoting professional development for counselors.
  • Evaluated and developed by the use of data.
  • Compliant with the national standards in accordance to American School Counselor Association.
  • Conducive to a positive school environment where enjoyable learning is encouraged for all students.

Our school counselors:

  • Are graduates of accredited master’s degree programs in school counseling. 
  • Are licensed by the state of Colorado.
  • Abide by the ethical standards set for school counselors.
  • Participate in developmental programs that enhance their competency and the program.
  • Are empathic and compassionate.

Revised March 26, 2007